FAQFAQ About Our Watches

Do you list watches that don't move? And do you take in defective items as well as ones with dead batteries?
We do not take in defective items, but we do take in watches that don't move and ones with dead batteries.
What should I do with brands that aren't in the list of makers when I'm registering a product?
You should select "other" when you are choosing the maker/brand.
Do you open the back of the watch during inspection?
At our warehouse, we do not do any inspection where we must take apart the item.

FAQFAQ About Our Bags

Do you list repaired items?
We list repaired items as well as items with light damages.
How damaged does an item have to be for Aucnet to reject it?
We won't accept items that, for example, have any punctures or have the base of their shoulder strap/handle detached from the bag.
What should I do if I want to list an item but I don't know its model or name?
You can just input the maker and type.

FAQFAQ About Our Jewelry

Do you have to have a gemstone guarantee for an item to list it?
We will include the gemstone name if we are able to determine it; however, if that is not possible, we request you get it appraised.
What should I do if I have a gemstone without any documents proving appraisal, evaluation, etc.?
We have a third-party that provides this service (separate cost).
My item has appraisal documents from an agency I've never heard of before. Should I still provide said document when registering my item?
Yes, please provide that.
I don't understand the measurement that is used in the images.
We can explain that to you! Feel free to contact us.

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