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What is the Rolex Yacht Master?
The Yacht Master is a collection released in 1992 by the luxury watch brand ROLEX aimed at wealthy people who enjoy marine sports such as yacht cruising and sailing. It features a rotating bezel that can be moved in both directions, giving it a more three-dimensional design than the Submariner, which has a rotating bezel.
Yacht Master is available in a wide range of sizes, and currently comes in three sizes: the boy’s size 37mm, and the men’s sizes 40mm and 42mm. In addition to this, in 2007, the 44mm Yacht-Master II, which was an evolution of the Yacht-Master, was announced. The Yacht-Master II is not designed for marine sports like the Yacht-Master, but is a sports model for full-scale yacht racing, and is equipped with a regatta chronograph that measures countdowns.

Furthermore, it has been announced that a new Yacht Master will be released around the fall of 2023. The new model is made from lightweight yet highly corrosion-resistant RLX titanium and comes with an Oyster bracelet. This is also worth paying attention to!

Rolex Yacht-Master Collection at Aucnet

[Product Name] Yacht Master 16628 White

Yacht Master Our market price: ¥800,000~3,000,000

*The above prices are average prices. It’s not a minimum value, it’s not a maximum value.

Rolex Yacht Master II

[Product name] Rolex Yacht Master II 116688

Rolex Yacht Master II Our market price: ¥3,000,000~4,500,000

*The above prices are average prices. It’s not a minimum value, it’s not a maximum value.

What is the material of Rolex Yacht Master?

The Rolex Yacht Master is available in three types of materials: solid gold model,''Rolesium,” and “Rosesol,” and there is no model made only of stainless steel. This time, I would like to introduce you to “Rolezium” and “Rosesol”.

The Rolesium Yachtmaster

Rolesium is a watch that combines stainless steel and platinum materials, and is a popular material among yacht masters. Using stainless steel material has the advantage of increasing strength while keeping the price down.

The Rolesium model has a silver dial and a dark rhodium dial that use platinum, and a model that does not use platinum has a blue dial that has been available since 2012.

[Product name] The Rolex Yacht Master 16622 (silver dial)

[Product Name] The Rolex Yacht Master 116622 Dark Rhodium Dial

The Rolex Yacht Master 126622 (blue dial)

The Rolesor Yachtmaster

Rolesor is a material that combines 904L stainless steel and 18K gold, and is a material that has a long history in Rolex. In addition to the strength of 904L stainless steel, it has the advantage of combining strength and luxury by adding the luxury of 18K gold.

[Product name] The Rolex Yacht Master 68623

[Product name] The Rolex Yacht Master 16623

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