Today’s blog will be about Louis Vuitton, a brand that makes up the largest percentage of Aucnet’s listings. From its birth to its current legacy, we’ve got it all below, so read on!

Louis, the creator of Louis Vuitton, was born in the Jura department of Eastern France in 1821. At the age of 14, Louis left home for Paris to become an apprentice as a suitcase craftsperson. After he honed his hard-earned skills, he began inventing a new type of suitcase. He noticed that the mode of transportation was changing from horse-drawn carriages to trains, so he decided to create a new type of suitcase with a flat top that was easy to stack, which differed from the rounded top popularized at the time. This suitcase, named “Gris Trianon Canvas”, was made with simple, gray cotton material that was lighter than leather and waterproof. The suitcase was so highly reviewed that Louis even received orders from the royal family. With this creation becoming his big hit, Louis decided to open a travel suitcase shop in Paris, France, starting the legacy of Louis Vuitton.

Louis’s son, Georges Vuitton, took over the brand as the second generation. At this time, counterfeit items started being circulated following the popularity of brand-name goods. To protect his brand from the influx of counterfeits, Georges created the Damier line, said to have been inspired by the “Ichimatsu” checkered pattern from Japan. Despite Georges’s efforts, there were many counterfeit items copying the Damier line, so he decided to create an even more complex design, the Monogram pattern. In France at this time, Japanese traditional ceramics were becoming so popular that the “Satsumahan”, a clan from a region of Japan currently known as Kagoshima, made a debut at the Paris International Expo held in 1867. It is believed that Louis Vuitton’s signature design, the Monogram pattern, was also inspired by the Japanese family crest.

Louis Vuitton made its way to Japan in 1978, opening six shops in total: three in Tokyo and three in Osaka. After its successful opening, LV made Marc Jacobs its artistic director. Jacobs cultivated a new image for LV through collaborations with icons such as Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama. This year, 2023, Pharrell Williams was appointed as the men’s creative director. The luxury brand world will be watching out for his unique creations and collaborations.

Aucnet lists a large number of Louis Vuitton products on its platform due to its popularity in Japan as well as globally. Here are four of some of the most popular lines we list on our auction!

1) Monogram



This is a staple of Louis Vuitton. Its classic pattern is made up of the “L” and “V” initials along with the star and flower motif.

2) Damie



The Damier line was made to combat the rise of counterfeit products, but despite the efforts, many fakes started circulating, leading to the cease of its production. However, in 1996, the Damier line was reprinted as a celebration of the Monogram’s 100th anniversary, leading to its rebirth as a classic LV design.

3) Epi



This line uses grain leather, which is known for its superb durability, and has a beautiful gloss and luster as its signature. It is also well known for its vast color options.


Hot Springs

Spring Street

The design for the Vernis line was created by the talent of Marc Jacobs. Its appeal comes from its rich color scheme and enamel leather, showcasing its high-end aura.

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